Minneeesota Wedding!

Yay! So this past weekend (. . . i know . . i'm slow . . . ) shane and i travelled to Minneapolis, Minnesota to see some of our best friends get married! Matt B & Sarah! Shane was in the wedding and knows Matt from highschool (soccer & track) and Shane and I both also got to spend time with Matt in college in track for a year before Matt went to University Park.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous! Different than most weddings I go to because it started at 7pm and then the reception was at 8pm. No alcohol. No dinner. Not really much dancing. But all in all, it was a classy, jazzy, beautiful evening!

The highlights:
  • Dennis jipped out on us and never came :-( we were all bummed.
  • went to the wrong hotel . . . twice! ha . . . i thought we were staying at the hilton . . and so when we were on the road that the hotel was on, i just figured. . that must be it! there can't be more hiltons on this road . . . so we go in and the lady is like umm . . . im not seeing your reservation, do you have a confirmation number? and im like its for the beckman wedding . . and shes like we dont have anything for that . . and im like is this the hotel at 4201 west american blvd? and shes like no. .. you want the hilton garden inn . . it's about a 1/2 mile down the road . . . so after matt j, shane, and i had carried all our luggage in, we carried it all back out and travelled on to the hilton garden inn . . . so we drug our luggage in and said we had reservations there . .. they couldn't find it . . . gave them the "we are here for the beckman party" . . . gave me the speal "you're in the wrong hotel" . . . so i asked them if we were at the right address. . and they go . . "oh no!!!! you want the HAMPTON inn . ." ugh . . so matt j and shane were not happy with me . . but 3rd times the charm and we finally found it!
  • got to go to the mall of america! insane! (see below for pics!) there are like 4 locations in the mall for each store . . . so whenever you want to meet someone. . make sure you know the exact location of that store . . . .
  • went on a totes awes rollar coaster in the mall of america! straight up, straight down, loops, and curves . . and also a bad headache when we were done . .
  • met an NFL football player! Tim Shaw (also in the wedding . . met Matt in college at Penn State) . . he played for Penn State and now plays for the Carolina Panthers . . a very down-to-earth, fun guy!
  • almost "bumped" the car in front of us because 1) we both had rental cars 2) we thought it was tim & dave . . . but turned out to be 1) not a rental car 2) not who we thought it was
  • got to sit on the airplane in chicago on the runway for over 3 1/2 hours b/c of dc traffic, then chicago weather, then dc weather, then traffic in dc again, then when they tried to turn the engines back on . . didn't work . . so they had maintenance come and try to get them started. . worked. . . but still taxi'd us to the gate . .. got off the plane . . then cancelled our flight . . . but its ok . . b/c we got a free hotel, free dinner, and free breakfast! . . so after a 4 hour night of sleep and a 6:30am flight . .we finally got home on sunday!
  • and of course matt b & sarah's wedding! :-)
  • [update!!] oooooooooohhhH!! and the worst thing of all . . . . i ordered a ceaser salad when we went out after the wedding . . . and it came with anchiovies on the salad . . and i was like what the crap is this??! and lee was like "umm . . those are anchovies . . . you do know that caeser salad dressing is made w/anchovies . . . ." . . so yeah . . blah! totally ruined caeser salad dressing for me . . .

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Note to self: Do not let Staci navigate to the Hotel in New Orleans or the Boat for the Cruise.