porter pee, weddings, & cute animals!

okkkkk . . . so it's a busy month for us . . . still . . . last weekend we were in pittsburgh for dan & sandy's wedding! lots of fun and so cute! some highlights from the weekend:

  • we stayed at one of my best friend's (and her bf's) house on friday . . . i made porter (their puppy) pee on nikkie & matt's guest bed again :-( . . . ugh . . . nikkie says he only does it when i'm around . . whether its happy pee or marking his territory . . i feel bad . . . so sorry nikkie & matt! but . . good news . . . we re-made the bed and it was sooooooooo comfy! 500 thread sheets and a cushiony mattress!

  • went to breakfast with an old friend from track and his girlfriend. always good to catch up!

  • went to the mall across from our hotel and got yelled at for going in the apple store b/c we didn't have "an appointment" (i guess it was technially closed still . . . . but the doors were unlocked . . . )

  • caught up with the track coaches from penn state behrend. . . mentioned that shane and i were looking for jobs in erie . . . . (so if anyone knows of any accounting or electrical engineering positions . . let us know!)

  • took a lemon drop with our table at the reception (@ dan & sandy's wedding)

  • made shane dance

  • took almost an HOUR to get out of pittsburgh sunday morn . . . ugh.

  • returned safely back home!

some pics from the weekend:

dan & sandy sporting the terrible towels!

me, jon, & shaney!

yay! smile! :-)

and because i love animals and found/saw some verrrrrrrrry cute things this past week . . . .

http://cuteoverload.com/ --> whenever you want to see some cute animals!

http://www.cyberthing.net/video-play.php?id=105 --> totes made me teary eyed! and makes me want to get a lion. . . .

and my silly kitties when i put icecubes in their water dishes . . .


Kt said...

aww yayyyy fun weekend...you looked so pretty!

Porter only happy pees when i walk in the dorr :( he doesn't love me enough to pee on the bed...

Yayyyyyy pittsburgh!

(p.s. i loveesszz cute overload!)

j*amy said...

yay shane danceeeddddd

porter doesn't pee for me. nikkie must looovez me! ;)