Daddy's Day!

Yay! Happy daddy's day to the besssssssssstest daddy in the world! :-)

I am truly so blessed to have the great father & father-in-laws that I have!!

I love you daddy!

We were lucky enough to have my awesome dad and mom come visit last weekend. They brought our little boy, Behren, with them . . . long story short . . he has separation anxiety and we couldn't leave him alone, so he's with my parents who take him to work with them! We ate aloooooooooot when they were here, did lots of yard work (in 100 degree weather!), went for lots of walks w/Behren, and relaxed in front of the tele! We always love seeing our fams and hate to see them go! Hopefully some time soon we can move back to good ol' Erie to be with them!

Here are some pics from that weekend . . .

the million dollar cookies i made! they turned out rather well actuallY! very good! highly recommended!

Behren cooling off in the pool! He is the best doggy ever and is half lab, half dalmation)!

aww! behren, nina, & jinx all relaxin together!

my lovely mommy & daddy at applebees for dinner! yum! we left behren at home alone, and he was sooo good! his separation anxiety is getting a lot better!
p.s. - mom, i'm over here. . .

one of behren's great qualities is his "smiling" when he gets excited and happy. he gets this little grin that just makes everyones day!

can't wait to see everyone again!

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*kc said...

Aw! Happy Daddy's Day! I miss your rents. You have to move back so I have a reason to talk with them! (Because how lame would it be if I just went over to their house?). How old is Behren? Will you get him back when you move back here, or is he still not able to be separated?