Do you run? . . . .

ok so last night i was at the local gym . . running away on the treadmill when a guy came up to me and said "do you run?" . . . . . . umm . . .yeah! obviously . . . i AM running right now. . .

but funny that i knew what he meant when he said that . . . because that is actually the third or fourth time since we moved to fredericksburg that someone has come up to me and asked if i do track & field (which i used to do . . . in highschool and college . . over TWO years ago . . ). it's crazy how people can tell just by looking at your physique! i would say half the people picked out my events (jumping), but last night he thought i was a middle distance runner . . ha! i wish i had any endurance what so ever! i ran the 400 meter dash (one time around the track) once in highschool . . . ideally you are supposed to "sprint" the entire thing, but i was not trained for it and not sure how to run the race so i started out with a mad dash and was doing pretty well . . . but as soon as i got around the last bend and saw the straight away . . wooooo eeee!! i was completely exhausted. i had to literally stop and catch my breath. by then the other runners were caught up so i decided i needed to at least finish! so i was huffing and puffing the last 100 meters, but i finally made it to the finish line (2nd place maybe?) and said "i am never doing that again". all the props in the world to long distance runners. . . i don't know how you do it!

but with this also comes my excitement of the 2008 summer olympics!
(especially because one of the girls i competed with in highschool, Sheena Gordon, tried out for high jump and triple jump, and because i just love watching track and how talented people are and wish i could be that good!)

it's amost here!!!

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