Home Sweet Home (Erie, PA). . . I miss you!

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Shane and I moved from Erie, PA to Fredericksburg, VA over two years ago (Shane got a really good job offer) . . . I can't believe it has been that long already! We had a really hard time when we first moved as we are both HUGE family people. We cried pretty much every night for the first month . . at least. Everyone told us. . "it will get easier . . don't worry . . " and although we do not cry every night like we used to, we still miss our families, our friends, and gulp . . . dreary Erie!

You all know about the soon addition to our family . . our niece! And being so far away from the new experiences, the fun, and the joy she will bring . . . . it just kills me! My best friends get together almost every weekend for the "ushe", and it makes me so sad that I can not be there. I always feel so left out. And of course my parents, my grandparents, my parent-in-laws, my brothers and sissies, all the pets, and the rest of the fam . . . . we are missing so much of their lives!

And dear old Erie . . . the mistake-by-the-lake . . . I do not know why people talk down on you so much, because I miss so many things about you!
  • Waldameer (Amusement park with a brand new rollar coaster that even my dad and mom said they would ride! They really aren't old! ;-) . . . The coaster is ranked the #2 wooden rollar coaster in the world and #3 overall by CoasterFanatics)

  • Presque Isle State Park (sand volleyball, paddle boat renting, soaking up the rays, taking the doggies to run around off leash . . .shh. . don't tell . . . , swimming around, wave jumping, greasy food eating, boating, sunset watching, relaxing)

  • Erie Zoo (They have renovated this soooo much since I was younger and it is just great to be able to see these amazing animals . . although I do always feel bad they can not be in the wild and free, I truly value getting to see their beauty and intrique up close)

  • The Bayfront (Just a peaceful ride that my grandpa always used to take me on . . around the dock to see the beautiful scenery)

  • Downtown (I am not a big partier . . . but going downtown every once in a while is always a good time. My fav . . . the Plymouth)

  • The Snow (Living in Virginia does not give you much snow. We get lots of ice, but no snow. And because my hubby loves to ski and because I am still learning . . . I wish we were around snow more . . I know . . you think after living in Erie for 22 years you would be sick of all the snow, but when you NEVER get it . . . you start to miss it!)

  • The Warner (My parents and I used to always go to Broadway or Philharmonic shows, and although I wouldn't say I am a very artistic/musically inclined person, I looooooved these!)

Those are not all of the things Erie has to offer, but those are my favorites and those are what I miss the most. Hopefully soon we can get some good job offers so we can move back to where we belong! Pray for us!

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j*amy said...

i hope shane's not going to be upset that you wrote he cried every night...heheheh ;)