The Oldest Fair in the Nation!

My wonderful hubby and I decided to go to the annual Fredericksburg Fair on opening Friday night. We got there about 6:30 and left around 9:30 or so. Overall it was a great night out! We haven't been to a fair in a loooooong time, so we were definitely hungry for some greasy food, lots of hicks, carnie rides, agricultural animals, and fun . . .

My personal favs were the animals and the food!

Also, when I made Shaney watch the Miss Fredericksburg Fair pageant, I thought I kept hearing "boooos" and I was like "well that's pretty rude", and then later found out we were right next to the cow barn and they were all "moooooo"-ing! I was pretty happy with the winner though. She seemed the most down to earth and "real".

We were also entertained with some ATV cross country course riding! We saw a four year old driving around on one of those things and he won his heat!! He was so tiny!! And later we were front row joe for an accident where one of the older riders was going off a jump and his front end starting going underneath him . . . he then jumped off, and the ATV rolled over top of him! He was fine! Thank goodness! But I had my hands over my mouth for a very long time! And then later, in the same race . . right at the end a guy went off the jump to the finish line and he landed all weird and had to jump off the ATV right before it went into the fence 100 gazillion miles per hour. He was luckily ok too, but had a limp. I just couldn't believe we saw two accidents in one race! Crazy!

Below are some pics from the fair! Enjoy!

Shaney and Me @ the Fair
(me with some messed up hair)

The Tortoise and the Hare!

This Wallaby was the only animal where we weren't allowed to go up to the cage.
It was trying to pick a fight with the emus next door!

Yum! Greasy fair food!

Here is the four year old kid driving the ATV! Crazy!

Aww! This mommy was licking it's baby clean!
The baby was born only 20 days ago and was the cutest thing I have seen!

Rock Star!
Seriously . . . he peed for like five minutes. Not even joking.

Can't go to the fair without a funnel cake and some sugar lemonade!

I got to feed the llamas! This one was soooo excited about the food!
I tried to feed her baby but she wouldn't let me! She wanted it all for herself!

I took this pic of Shaney so I could get the lady to his left holding some balloons in a very wrong way.
I think she caught on to us though. Right after we took this pic, she turned around.

Can't go to the fair without getting these goodies either!
Cotton candy, fudge, and a candy apple! Yum!

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