We (and I) Did It!

Yay! We had one of our playoff games yesterday @10pm (ugh!)! And guess what?!!? We WON!! Yay! It was a close game . . . 8-7 i think?! We have the final playoff game on Tuesday at 9:10pm. If we win, we get a t-shirt!

So. . . highlights of the game:
  • No yellow cards for me! not even any fouls! :-) I was sooooooooooo proud of myself!! Especially because the one girl that was playing dirty last game was playing like that this game too and pushing when I had already kicked the ball like 10 seconds ago . . . and running into people from behind . . because I guess that is how she plays defense. . . ugh. . but I controlled myself and it felt so good.

  • I scored a goal! So . . . I have never played soccer . . . . didn't grow up with it . . never played in high school or college (besides intramurals) so I do not have the fancy footwork or ball control at all! But somehow I managed to get a goal . . . I will admit, it was a sad looking goal, but a goal nonetheless!

  • My hubby just amazes me at soccer. He has such great speed, such awesome ball control, and such great shots! He makes everything look so easy! I don't know how many goals he scored, but it was a lot!

  • Bonding with our team . . . after the game we always sit on the couch and take off our shoes and socks and shin guards and just talk about the game. I love everyone on our team! They are just so fun and so great to play with!

  • Umm . . . we won!! But you already knew that.

So I don't have any pics from our game (bummer. . . I know). . . . but because the game wasn't until 10pm, I decided to start on the final Harry Potter book (I have been waiting . . . mostly because I just don't want it to be all over) and I got to page 2 and this happened:

My lovely kitty Nina wanted to read with me. Aww!

So yeah . . . . I had a great night last night and was so happy and so proud and I hope I can continue playing the way I did! Because it felt sooooo much better than last game.


Kt said...

1. yayyyyyyyyyyy for winnning!!

2. super yayy for scoring a goal! we're so proud of our s to the kank

3. are you finnnnnallly reading the last hp? is that what that book is?

*Stace* said...

yep. . . . finally year 7! sniff sniff.

Rita said...

oh man staci, i am so proud of you too. proud that you kept playing in spite of how you felt the last time. i sure love you