Waldameer! Ravine Flyer II! First Ride Story!

Well we finally made it to Waldameer in Erie, PA this summer! I did not think it was going to happen, but we made a little time available when we went home last weekend to see our wonderful niece be born! I have been wanting to ride the new rollar coaster for some time, and since my parents seemed excited to ride it also, I just had to get us all there! It turned out that we had a nice picnic at Shane's mom's house on Saturday and when we said we were going to go to Waldameer to ride the ride, everyone (Shanes mom, stepdad, dad, dad's fiancee, brother, sister-in-law, sister-in-laws parents, my parents, and our cousins) joined along! Totally made my day! So, this new rollar coaster I am talking about is the Ravine Flyer II! It was ranked 2nd worldwide among wooden rollar coasters and 3rd overall by Coasterfanatics! The above pic is the bridge that goes over the road. Supposedly there was a Ravine Flyer I that also went over the road, but I was either too young to remember or it was before my time. The below pic (the only pic courtesy of Waldameer . . . all the rest were taken by my camera) shows a digital view of the coaster.

Maybe it was because the wooden coasters at King's Dominion were so bad, but this wooden rollar coaster was actually pretty smooth! I was very impressed and do have to say that it is the best wooden rollar coaster I have ever rode on! It just had so many unpredictable twists and turns, some fun tunnels, an awesome first drop, an almost sideways bank . . . big props to Waldameer for making this awesome coaster! In fact, I heard that attendance was up 20% in the park, but I would have to argue that it is even more! I have never seen Waldameer that busy!! Although, we still only had to wait about 20 or 25 minutes in line.

Here are the youngins waiting in line! Me, Shoshonna, Shane, Marissa, & Dan! It is nice, because at Waldameer, you do not have to pay just to get in. So some of our group got to just sit and watch us ride. And you can pay per ride, like we did. . . since we only wanted to ride that one ride ($4.50 each person for the ride).

Here is Gary (Shane's daddy) and Renee (Gary's fiancee), and my lovely parents waiting in line! Don (Our step-diddy) was in line also, but not pictured . . he was too busy talking to the people behind us! So social he is! So excited they rode this! They still have the kids in them! Although Don told the couple behind us that he didn't have a choice. That I was making him ride it! Ha!

Aww poor Dan had to either: 1) wear his sunglasses (with the high likelihood of them flying off), 2) put them in the bin next to where you get on the coaster (with the chance of them getting stolen), or 3) had to put them in his pocket. . . . . . . (with the definite result of them breaking in half) . . bummer Dan!

Oh . . and also, I am not sure if you heard . . . but we all got news that you were not allowed to wear flip flops on the ride . . that they MADE you wear sneakers . . . which I thought was really stupid if it was true. . . but I want to clear things up . . . you CAN wear flip-flops! Yay!

So here is my cute Mommy and Daddy and Me and Shaney at Waldameer! So happy that we were all able to get together and go to Wally World! It was one of my goals this summer, and we did it! Yay!

Shoshonna and I being silly in the mirrors at Waldameer!

Us all heading back to our cars . . we had to park in the "overflow" lot because the other one was packed full! Crazy! Thank you for a great time Waldameer and my family! :-)

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nice job staci! almost as if i were there! love you, rusty