We Lost . . But It's OK! :-)

So we had our final soccer playoff game last night for the championship! Unfortunately we lost by 2 (the last point was right at the end when our goalie came out to try to get some more offense going), but you know what?! It's ok! The other team was one of the most sportsman-like teams and it was a good, fair game. Also, we did not have ANY subs (2 of our players got hurt at the end of this season :-( with an ACL tear and the other with a hammy injury) and the other team had one girl and one guy sub. And we were just not clicking. The new season starts Tuesday though!

After the game, we hung around for a while to watch Michael Phelps continue on his trek to craziness! So the question is : is he THAT good, to win with his eyes closed?! The answer: pretty much! When he was swimming the 200m fly, his goggles kept filling up with water and he even said, "To be honest, I was having trouble seeing the walls." 8 Golds, here we come!

And one last thing real quick . . . . update on my sister-in-law, Sommer!

Last I heard, she is doing well! She is 4cm dilated (as of Monday), and having some back pains. But Dan, my lovely brother-in-law calls me this morning: "Staci! Did you hear?!" . . . so then I begin to freak out! Oh my gosh! Is she having her baby?! Should I start packing?! But I say, "hear what?!" and he says, "She is having contractions an hour a part." . . ha! So obviously I am still excited, but I was thinking this was it! She was having her baby now. So silly Dan got me all excited this morning, but it was still great to hear from him! Sommer and Bry are ready and it is just a waiting game! I can't wait! :-)

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Kt said...

Aww gooooood game though! new season starts again, already?!

Yea I'm totes hooked on the Olympics now, I cant stop watching...i kinda can't wait until they're over so I can get some sleep...we watch them then the news and I dont get to bed til almost 1!

silllllly dan...