Presque Isle, I Heart You!!

The weekend we went home to see our beautiful niece come into this world, we also got to go to one of my favorite places in Erie, Presque Isle!

It started out with some sand volleyball with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and hubby at Beach 6, then they left with my mommy-in-law and daddy-in-law to go to Sara's for icecream, and then meandered on home.

I wanted to enjoy the beach a little longer, so I made my hubby stay. He's such a good sport and I know he loves me because he HATES water, sun, and sand.

A little while longer after we basked in the sun and I went for a refreshing swim, my dear mommy and our pup, Behren, came to enjoy the day as well!

(sorry for the pics . . they were taken by my phone . . . my cam was in the car)
Behren loved watching all the people and loved digging in the sand!! He was the best digger out there! . . . . If only we could get him to build sandcastles too!

We then decided to take Behren for a little walk down the shore and let him get his feet wet. I was so glad my mommy and Behren decided to come to the beach to see us!

I thank God for getting me to the beach that weekend. I was so lucky with everything I got to do, and I have been missing Presque Isle so much!

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jtonyb said...

That sure is a fine looking dog you got there!