Droid X or HTC Incredible?

Now, ideally Apple would release the iPhone to Verizon and I would not have this stupid issue, but rumors keep floating, and I'm not seeing any truth to the fact that Verizon will have iPhones any time soon. (Also, my current phone has to be charged 2 to 3 times a day, and always shuts down during calls. . . beyond frustrated.)

So, my dilemma . . .

HTC Incredible

Droid X
Went to the store to try them both out, but I would need to use both for a while to REALLY see which is better, so I need your help!

HTC Incredible or Droid X??
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bobalay said...

DX, will also need to be charged often with such a large screen, my DI, just barely gets me thru a day under moderate use. 7am - 10pm, with everything off except 3g, and brightness at 25%.

Amy said...

Incredible. I love HTC. I love the widgets and I just find the phone is more for fun and function where as the Motorollas are more function and life tasking. My HTC lasts approximately a day and a half. Plus I keep almost everything on and I use it constantly so I'm content.

*kc said...

YAY! Smart phone! So I guess you decided on that?

I can't vote. I own the Blackberry Storm.

Sommer said...

i vote for the incredible only bc i have more clients with it and they like it! plus once you decide you wont know the differnce!! i would go with what ur hubby says!!! he i am sure did his homework!