Baby Boy Rock's Party!

Our baby nephew is due anytime now, but we had a party to celebrate him and his family. We decided to go with a "Baby Nemo" theme for two reasons. 1) our niece, Bryce, LOOOVES nemo 2) because of this Bry (baby daddy) joked that their baby would be "Baby Nemo".

Since the movie is 7 years old, I had to order everything online, but I was still able to find everything I needed!

Cake! (That was actually cupcakes!)

I made several of these to put around, but this was my favorite.

Here are the goodies I passed out to Bryce and Aly (my other niece)!

Thanks to the idea from one of my BFF's, we decided to change our address for the day.

The prezzies. Which kept getting transported inside to outside to inside to outside . . . because the weather kept changing its mind.

My beautiful sister-in-law, Sommer. I really hope I can look that good when I finally get preggers.

Opening up all the gifts.

My decorating kinda fell short because of the weather and time constraints, but it took a long time to make all those pom poms!

Bryce is excited about her baby brother!

Super baby!! (That's what we call it when I fly her around).

Oh Brycee! You know that baby brother is in mommy's tummy, but I can't wait to see you guys interact when he's finally born! I just love you both so much!

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