Jess & Jase's Wedding!

Last Saturday we went to a beautiful wedding for Shane's high school friend and his now wife.

It was hard to get pictures because people kept standing up in front of me, but here is Jason right before Jess came down the aisle. Love it.

Saying vows! I forgot at a Catholic wedding that they kiss in the middle and not at the end, and I accidentally blurted out a "sh*t!" because I missed getting the picture. Ooops!

The new Mr. & Mrs. heading out of the church (I've realized I use too many angles when I take pictures. I need to stop that).

Matt B (one of Shane's good friends from high school) came home for the wedding (lives in Minnesota now), and we had a couple hours to blow before the reception, so we all hung out at our house and I made them pose for some pictures.

Headed to the Masonic Temple for the after partay! Such gorgeous flowers and details!

The cake! I'm very upset because I took a TON of pictures at the reception, and somehow they all got deleted. :-(

Maybe it's my camera's way of saying, "what happened at the wedding reception, stays at the wedding reception!"

But seriously . . . I'm bummed.


rachel said...

aw danielle shot that wedding. :)

*Stace* said...

she did!! she's awesome! can't wait for the wedding she's shooting on Friday too! ;-)

p.s. - i found the rest of the reception pictures (in a different folder on my camera), so i will post those soon.

*kc said...

I think this is the wedding my coworker's daughter was a bridesmaid in. Small Erie. Because my coworker was telling me about how the placecards were sitting atop carnations.

Marissa Rock said...

I love your angle pictures!

*Stace* said...

ha! aww, shucks . . thanks! i feel like i do it waaaaay too much though.