Bryce's 2nd Birthday Party!

Today marks Bryce's (our niece) actual 2nd birthday!

But we celebrated her birthday last Saturday . . . . My Little Pony style.

We were originally going to have to miss it because of a wedding, but Bry & Sommer changed the time after the fact so we could make it, and I'm so glad, because it was killing me knowing I was going to have to miss her birthday party.

Miss 2 year old.

Awesome my little pony cake that my talented mother-in-law, Rita, and Sommer made!

Bryce sporting one of her new gifts!

She got lots of fun gifts including these cute sandals she had to put on right away!

Had to get a picture of the 4 generations! Great Grandma Rock, Grandpa Gary, Daddy, and Bryce (not in that order).

Present from Uncle Dan, Aunt Marissa, Uncle Shaney, and Aunt Staci (Nina & Jinx too).

A water table!! We had to leave right after she opened it for our wedding, but we were told she played with it for a good hour and half after we left! Success!

I can't believe two years has passed by since the little peanut was born. She has grown into such a smart and beautiful girl already. We are so proud of her and so blessed to have her in our lives.

p.s. - still waiting for the arrival of our nephew (Bryce's baby brother) . . . anytime now!

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*kc said...

She looks like such a diva in those pics! Love the shades and the new shoes!