Mase & Josh's Wedding!

Mase (Amy) & Josh got married last Friday, August 20th!!

Thursday, we went and got our nails done at Coventina. Here is Mase under the dryer.

That night we had the rehearsal and helped set up a few things at the church.

Mase forgot her awesome ribbon bouquet (that I made) and her marriage license . . so she was kinda stressed at this moment in time but really was awesome overall.. . we thought we were going to have big time Bridezilla but she was very nice and relaxed . . . i think it might've been the xanax . . just sayin . .

These two get the "most awesome couple" award. I mean come on . . how cool do they look together!? So cute. (Best man - Tyler - and his wife).

I think this is where the church coordinator was yelling at us for not paying attention.

The details were awesomeeeeeee. I didn't really have time to take too many pics, so most of these were actually taken by my amazzzzzzing husband, Shane.

For rehearsal dinner we went to Serafini's. We got yummy iced tea, watered down coke, and bread and butter for dinner. Just kidding . . . they were just super busy so we had a nice, long, relaxing dinner. It was fun (seriously.)!

Mase is so gorgeous. period.

Love love LOVED the flowers. So pretty and so perfect with all the other details.

Mr. Mason & Mase!

Umm . . . ignore our bored faces. This wedding ceremony actually FLEW by. Except in the very beginning where the pastor kept talking . . . maybe that was this part. (It was good though! I actually paid attention . . . that's it! . . we are all just deep in thought).


And the ring a ling lings!

Woah boy! First kiss ever. As husband and wife.

On to the party! Reception table centerpieces!

Awesome yummy cake and cuppies!

So here are all the SKANKs parents (minus Mase's). . . . we thought it was odd that they sat girls on one side, boys on the other . . they say this is what happens when you are married too long.

The beautiful Mr. & Mrs.!!!

Such a beautiful wedding and I was greatly blessed to have been a part of it.


amy grace said...

hmm. i thought i commented on this.

well, here goes:
1) that was funny
2) you better not have been bored
3) i don't like how my back looks fat in that one pic
4) so you really DID think i was going to be a bridezilla?!?!
5) i want to see more pics
6) put these on FB already
7) looooooove you
8) i'm very glad you were part of our day!! :)

*Stace* said...

2)not bored at all . . .
3) oh shush
4) not at all . .
5) i sent them all to you in dropbox
6) no
7) looooooove you too
8) yay! :-)