First let me say . . . HOLY MOLY I HAVE BEEN BUSY!!! So sorry if you were sooooooooo excited to read my updated blog and it wasn't updated (I know there are so many of you).

But ok . . back into things:

While I write this, the clothes dryer and treadmill we got from craigslist will go ka-blew-ee!, and the people who we got it from will be stalking us, but for now what I really want to say is this . . .

Craigslist is AWESOME!

Basically it has saved us $1,750 already.


Treadmill I wanted to get: $1,500
Treadmill we got off of craigslist : $100

Dryer we would get new from store : $400
Dryer we got off of craigslist: $50

And they both work perfectly fine (knock on wood)!

But seriously. I'm really excited about them, because $1,750 is a lot of money that we saved. Hmm . . . . maybe I should show this to my husband and prove to him that he owes me a fun vacation now!

And I'm always so paranoid that the people selling all these things are axe murderers, but in both cases, they were so nice and so down to earth!

I love it.

Has anyone had any not-so-good cases with using craigslist?


*kc said...

You are so lucky to find such great deals. Very jealous!

Alison said...

I loooove Craigslist!! congrats on your great finds!