Mommy and Me Quad! 5 Mile Run!

Saturday, September 11, 2010, my mother and I competed in the third event in the quad! The 5 mile run! It started at 9am in North East, and after only being 44 degrees out when we woke up, it warmed up fast and ended up being beautiful weather for the run (through the amazing smelling grape vines).

Do you see us?! Although you might think your heart should be pounding most at the end of the race, mine was pumping the fastest at the beginning. The suspense. The anticipation. The rocky music. The "runners on your marks . . . . get set. . . GOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Here's us on the home stretch!

We did it!! Here is where I started to cry because I was just so proud of my mommy for doing this with me. 5 miles is a long way, and for her to do that with me and be excited and not complaining at all was just so great! She was so motivated and ready!

5 mile run . . check! Next and last event is the 2 1/2 mile snowshoe walk!

p.s. - thank you so much to my awesome hubby and pup, Behren, for coming to the race with us, capturing all these moments, and cheering us on. It was so nice.

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