Crawford County Fair!

I know you don't care that I have been busy, and you probably don't care that I haven't posted in a while . . . but get ready for a post frenzy!!!

Shane and I actually made it to the Crawford County Fair this year! Last year it rained and rained, so we didn't make it out, but this year we got to sneak in a quick trip! (Next year I am determined to go to one of the country concerts)!

Most of our time was spent looking at all the cute animals!

I love when horses look like cows.

This guy ate his 1st place ribbon! And then smiled at us.

Poor sheep.

So comfortable.

I felt so bad for all the animals. They were just all stuck in teeny tiny pens all day long!

The three little pigs!

I could not believe the size of the utters on these animals!!Holy cow! Can you imagine carrying those things around with you?!

The cows at the petting zoo were NEVER this HUGE!

They were posing for me.

They had a mini home show going on, so we checked it out and wanted them to do this to our yard! It took them 3 days to do this, and then they had to tear it all down!

We got a huge lemonade shortly after we got there, and never really felt good once we drank it (blame it on the 90% sugar). So we got some cotton candy for the road and headed on home.

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