Christmas Trees & My Animals, Of Course.

My daddy made two beautiful trees to take to the cemetery for my Grandpa and Aunt Cheryl. He glued all the bows and bulbs on himself, and got a candy cane for the top . . . . one that says "Dad" and the other "Cheryl". Not a day goes by that I don't think of my grandpa and aunt. It's so sad without them. My grandpa always made jokes and always put a smile on anybody's face. I miss him saying "yellooooowwww" when he answered the phone . . . especially when I would call his number from his house and hang up the phone real quick so it rang and then nobody was there. He loved that! I always did my aunt's nails at every family get together, and I just knew she appreciated it so much. I guess I laugh like her and I play with my earrings like her. It has been over a year since they have been gone, but I know they are in great hands right now, and that brings comfort to my heart.

And because I just love my animals (boy is it going to bad when Shane and I have real kids . . . ), here is a cute pic of Behren and Jinx snuggling in the cube in the back!

p.s. - cruise in less than 4 days!! ahhH!!

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