Happy Birthday to Mase!

Yay!! Happy Birthday Mase!!

Friday we got to celebrate Mase's birthday with her!! We went to Hibachi with her, her bf (Josh), our bff (KC), her sister and brother-in-law, her cuz (Bekah), and her rents! We went back to KC and Mase's apartment after that for some cuppies and Disney Scene It!

This is a card that her awesome cuz, Bekah, made for her! Really, it makes me laugh every time I look at it!! Mase is kinda obsessed with Twlight.

Of course I had to get a pic of the crazy fire!

Mase's birthday cake!

The birthday girl, Josh, and Bekah!

Probs my fav action shot of the night! Mase was trying to catch shrimp in her mouth! She did get the one after this one!! But this is more funny!

And the chef threw 10 million shrimp at Brian (Mase's brother-in-law), and every single one went in his mouth and bounced back out!! I was literally crying because I was laughing so hard!

So then we went back to the apt and sang happy birthday! You can't see them at the moment b/c we were having some tech difficulties, but KT & Mike were web caming with us and they were singing along! It was pretty fun!

It's just so great that we are back in Erie and I am able to celebrate my friends birthdays with them!

Amy, you are one of the best friends ever!! I'll never forget all the afternoons after school where we would jump on the trampoline and look through the Delias catalogs, the times we made our silly shows (. . Jeans, yeah Jeans, they come in all different colors! . . . I wasn't finished yeeeeeeeeettt!!!), the quote book, your gracefulness, and your awesome cuppies that you never made for us (except that once). I love that we can play volleyball together again. You make me laugh hysterically every time I am with you. You are one of the most funny, down-to-earth, creative people I know, and are beautiful both inside and out!

Happy Birthday! :-)


j*amy said...

thanks stace! you're so sweet! except for putting up that awful picture of me...;)

*kc said...

YAY! Happy Birthday!
YAY! Staci and Shane live in Erie

Kt said...

Awe, wish I was there!....well I kinda was for part of it...but wish I was there in person hee hee