Behren Update - Post Op

Well, the vet just called me! They said Behren got out of surgery 1/2 an hour or so ago. They said he did very well and handled the anesthesia fine. They said that the good news was he had no complete ligament tears, but that his cruciate ligament was 75% torn, and the remainder of it was stretched. The doctor said he had no stability what so ever.
They did a "tightrope" procedure (somewhat like the above pic). The vet said that they believe they did a great job stabilizing the knee. They took post-op x-rays which the vet said he was also very pleased with. He said it was good placement and he was very happy.

I will probably call later to see how he's doing (they said I could). And the doctor said he will call me tomorrow morning sometime to give another update.

We don't get him back until Thursday after 3 though!! Ugh. I just hope he doesn't hate us.

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