Behren - Pre Surgery

This is such a terrible pic (taken on my camera, then taken by my phone, then sent to my email), but this was Behren right before we went in for his surgery. He knew. He is so smart. I mean look how scared and sad he looks! :-(

It was absolutely terrible. And of course, the two most emotional people in the world (my mom and myself) go to take him. I was trying to stay strong for both Behren and my mother, but it was so hard to hold back tears. Especially when they took him "behind the big scary door" (aka - out of the waiting room) . . . he just did not want to go. He was backing up and had his claws dug in the floor so hard! It was so sad. My mother and I then walked out reluctantly and cried in each others arms for a couple seconds (I know, we are pathetic . . . we just love our dog too much!). We know (we hope) that this is going to make him better, and we just hope that we are making the right decision.

We still have not received the call from the vet to see how he made out. They said some time between 2 - 4 pm.

I will let you know what they say.

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