3 Year Proposal Anniversary!!

Yay! We made it back in one piece from Utah . . barely . . . but that story later.

Today marks the 3rd year anniversary of the day Shane proposed to me!

We were in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, with the Penn State Behrend Track & Field team. It was the last day we were at Disney, and Shane and my parents were trying to get me to Cinderella's castle all day long. My parents wanted to "get a picture" of me in front of the castle because of course that is a tradition of everyone that goes to Disney World.

I was having too much fun being a little kid running here . . going on that ride . . . meeting that character . . . eating way overpriced food . . . but finally we made it to the castle.

I had NOOOOOOOOOOOOO idea that Shane was going to propose to me! Usually I can tell when he is up to something, but this totally blew me out of the park! And I cannot believe that my mom kept mum for so long about it!! Never even accidentally spilled it!

It was every girl's fairy tale dream! And I was sooooooo surprised that it seriously took me a good 17 seconds to even register what was happening! Of course I said yes though, and it was such a surreal moment!! One I will never, ever forget! At that moment, I knew that Shane was ready to committ to me and wanted to be with me the rest of his life, and that was such a great feeling to share together.

I love you Shaney! :-)

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