How About This for April Fool's!?!

So my lovely mother-in-law sent this to me:

It looked like so much fun!! I wanted to be there!! I literally even started dancing and singing myself!! I mean seriously. How fun would that be?!

Here is the background info in case you want to know:

At the train station in Liverpool, England T-Mobile did this great commercial unbeknown to the daily commuters. They practiced for 8 weeks plus one late night at the station. On January 15th, 2009, with hidden cameras and 400 dancers at 11:00am their plan was put into action.

P.S. - I successfully completed my first real quarter close at work!! It feels so good to be done and so good that everything worked out the way it was supposed to! I am really enjoying my work right now and hope it continues!
P.P.S. - The work thing isn't an April Fool's joke either! Seriously. I do love my job . . . . (for now).

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