March for Babies!

Sunday, we (Shane, me, Mom Karin, Mom-in-law Rita, Step-Diddy-in-Law Don, brother & sister-in-law Bry & Sommer, niece Bryce, cousin Gerri, cousin Austin, cousin Ava, cousin Tyler, friend Carolyn, friend Michael, friend CJ, friend Brad, friend Jon, friend Cassie) walked in the March of Dimes, March for Babies!

It was held at Presque Isle State Park!

We walked for 6.2 miles in the most beautiful weather ever!

Here is Cassie, me, Shane, and Jon! BFFs from track & field in college. It was so great to see them and catch up!

We all walked representing GE Transportation (my new employer since November).

I told everyone before hand what color the shirts were so they could color cordinate and I must say that CJ gets the color coordination award! She had plaid maroon shorts on that matched perfectly!!

It was so nice! They had water/juice/fruit/etc for us at the "check points". We probably would have died with out that! It was so warm and sunny! Some people even started carrying their dogs b/c the pups were getting so exhausted.

Here's the crew!! A couple people are hiding (mom, CJ), but here's the majority of us! Brycee's first volunteer walk!

Afterwards they even fed us!! Hot dogs, water/pop, pep balls, chips/popcorn, and cookies!

It was such a great event and I cannot thank my family & friends enough for all their support (both donations and walking). I had so much fun being with them and just thank God for the weather and for bringing all of those people together for such a great cause.

p.s. - Thanks to my mommy for taking most of the pics!
p.p.s. - Found out that my friends CJ & Brad are expecting a baby in November!! Yay! :-)

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