Homeless. Kinda.

Well. We found out yesterday that our credit has been affected by our short sale . . so what does that mean?! . . . Pretty much, we can't try to buy a house for 2 - 3 or more years (depending on what happens with the house). At first I was devastated. Could not think about anything else and was bawling. Then, the more I thought about it, maybe it is best for us to just wait. Save up some money. We are blessed to have an awesome family who all offered to let us stay with them (while we deal with all the crap that the banks caused). And I could not be any happier and thankful for that (our family, not the crap that is going on with the banks/real estate market).

It does put a damper on our plans . . . that means we have to push out having kids for even more years :-( I don't know if I can wait that long! ;-) (I do want to be settled in a house before we have any though.) But maybe that is also for the best. We will see. We are just praying and looking to God for His guidance, because we know he will show us the way.

And now for some good news . . .

  • I get out of work an hour early today so I can go home and do Bibi's nails for her & Brian's wedding! :-)
  • Bibi and Brian are getting married tomorrow!! Bibi is from Poland! How cool is that?! She will be my step-sister-in-law! Sommer is doing Bibi's hair for the wedding, and I am doing Bibi's makeup and nails!
  • This wedding in the family also means that Dan & Marissa are coming home! :-) I am super excited to see them!! I just love when the entire family is together! Dan & Marissa will only be coming home one last time before they head off to Germany for 3 years for work!
  • Myself and 17 family members/friends are walking in the March for Babies this weekend at Presque Isle State Park!! We are representing GE's team. Super excited because so many of my friends and family are supporting this great cause, and because it is supposed to be an awesome day!! Sunny and 70's!
  • It's Friday! :-)

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