Home Shopping Tonight!

Eeek!! We are starting our home buying search in Erie tonight!!

Our realtor is actually our track & field coach from college (he coached Shane in high school too)!

I am super excited because we both LOOOOVEEE this house we are going to see tonight. We always drive by it on our way home and say . . "man, if that house goes up for sale, that would be awesome!" And it did!! We NEVER expected it to, because it's so beautiful and in a great location!

I can't give away the details because I don't want anyone else going out to buy it! :-P

I am really nervous though because we are still trying to sell our house in Virginia, and not quite sure how that works with trying to get another loan. Especially when you go the short sale route with your other home. Ugh. Anyone know?!

I just really hope it all works out, because this house would be awesome. We could finally settle down.

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