I-90 Accident!

So Shane and I were driving to work this morning . . . and HOLY CRAP there is fire and smoke everywhere!! When we first saw it, there was way more fire than in this pic. It was crazy.
We had to go off the on ramp. . . look how much smoke there is, and how weird that there was a rainbow right by the accident.
Really, we must've just missed the accident, because there were no emergency vehicles there yet, and the news article said it happened shortly after 7am, and I called my dad at 7:06am to see if he was listening to the police scanner to see what was going on, and to let him know we were ok.
It was so sad. I didn't even know what the outcome was, but I knew it probably wasn't good. I'm just so glad that we were safe.
12 hours later, on our way back home, they are still cleaning up 90 . . .
And there is still a ton of traffic!

Does anyone know why the other car drove across the median?

So sad. :-(

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mikeb226 said...

That 'rainbow' is a common occurence called a 'parahelion' or 'sundog'.

see more here:

neat site to check out altogether, too.