Behren's One Month Checkup!

Well, yesterday was Behren's 3rd Birthday and his one month checkup from his surgery.

He got his last laser therapy (it stimulates the cells to help them heal faster and reduces swelling), and we talked with Dr. Sliker (from Camboro . . love it there!). Dr. Sliker was very impressed with Behren and said he was very happy with the results so far. He was moving Behren's knee all around and said it felt great and very stable. (The whole time Behren was giving him kissies). Then I walked Behren around so the doctor could see how he walked, and said that Behren is using the leg ~70% of the time and said that was good!

Dr. Sliker said that Behren can start going for short walks in two weeks, working up to about 1/2 mile each walk. Yay!

For Behren's birthday, we went back to our house and we sang and Behren got a piece of a cupcake with a doggy bone on top (he's still on a diet so we didn't want to give him the ENTIRE cupcake)!

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