Strike 1.

Well we went to see the house that we thought was going to be our new home . . .

I mean really . . . absolutely beautiful!!
Brand new appliances and just perfect.
Oh wait . . what's that behind that plant? An unfinshed floor and a random pipe?!
Beautiful modern bathroom! Too bad it's the only full bath (no tub though) in the house and it's downstairs with all the bedrooms upstairs.
We would even have a pool in our backyard! A couple of them!
Beautiful living room! All updated and very home-y!
Except the edges were all weird . . . .
The doors and windows weren't framed. The steps needed carpeted or finished some how.
Pretty much the entire upstairs needs redone.
Master bedroom . . . a good start.
The 1/2 bath (and only bath) upstairs.
Overall it is a beautiful house on very good property, but it's waaay too expensive for everything that needs done to it. Very good structure, but lots of work. If it was like $100K less, we would take it! . . . . Back to the hunt . . . . .

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