Biggest Scare of My Life!



We just got home and usually both the cats greet us at the door, but it was just Jinx. . . but sometimes Nina can be stubborn and lazy, so I didn't really think anything of it. So then I started putting our stuff away and getting some laundry done . . . still no Nina . . . so then I said "who wants a treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeatt?!" This ALWAYS gets them to come. No Nina. I go in every room of the house . . no Nina. . . so then I start looking under the beds, behind doors, behind drawers, under our tub, in the fridge, in the washer (literally put my hands in all the way feeling around for her), in the dryer (like seriously pulled all the clothes out), in the oven, under the couches, on the cabinets, in the closets, in the garage, . . . no Nina. So I start freaking out . . .Shane starts to help me look . . . No Nina. So as I'm on the verge of crying hysterically, I decide to go outside with my flashlight and call her name. . . "Nina!! Who wants a treeeeeeeeeaaatt?!" . . . I look left, center, right, and then left again . . . and there she is! She just runs right up to me! I pick her up and just start bawling!! I have NO idea how she got out, no idea how long she was out, no idea what she was doing the entire time she was out, but I Thank God!!! that she was right there. What a blessing, and I cannot express how thankful I am that she was there, and is now safe in our house again.

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j*amy said...

oh! i remember when rach and brian's house was um, hit by a truck, and they couldn't find zelda! so our pastor prayed...and then she came out! she was inside i think...so scary!!