Behren's 3rd Birthday!

Today is Behren's (our little pup's) 3rd Birthday!! I just cannot believe how fast those three years flew by!

We got Behren from the Erie Humane Society right before we moved to Virginia. We are so blessed to have found him. He has definitely given us a run for our money (seriously . . we've spent easily over $4K on him so far --> surgeries, ruining furniture, carpet, candles, etc., emergency vet visits for eating pounds of fudge . . . ), but he really is the best dog ever.

I guess he kinda found us . . . he was dropped off at the humane society with his sisters and brothers. All his sisters were all white with black spots (just like dalmations are, but had more of a lab look to them like Behren did). Him and his brothers were all black but had a white chest with black spots. We got to go in the kennel and play with all of them for a while. It was such an easy choice after that (Shane would only let me get one . . . it would've been easier if we could've taken them all!) , because Behren kept coming right up to us and licking us and jumping on us, so we were like "Ohh! Aww! He likes us!! Let's get him!". And here he is! We went right to PetCo after that to get the essentials (bowls, food, leash, collar, treats, etc). Look how tiny he was!

This is probably my all time favorite Behren pic! He is just so handsome and so smart and I think this captures it all.
It's a good thing puppies don't need buckled in, because Behren loved laying on his daddy's lap (especially when he was driving).

This picture just cracks me up because Behren was soooooo tiny compared to Jag and Majr, and now he's bigger than both of them! And look how big his ears were!

This picture also cracks me up because he is popping out of the bushes with a weird look on his face and there is a cop car in the back ground!! So funny! It's like we posed him, but we totally didn't!
Aww! Our big boy graduated from obedience training! He loved being in class with all the other pups! I think he needs a sister and/or brother!

He has turned into such a great pup. Right now he is still healing from his surgery and is still limping a lot, but I am still hoping and praying! We are celebrating his 3rd birthday tonight with a trip to the vet for his laser therapy and one-month-from-surgery check up, and then some treats and affection!

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*kc said...

Cute Pics! Happy Birthday, Behren.