Well this past weekend, we helped Shane's Grandma take off her roof. Luckily she was paying someone to put a new one on, so we didn't have THAT much work to do.

Shane ready to shovel some shingles!

They were so fast! We started around 7 am and got done with most of all the removal by 2pm! The boys shoveled it all, and Grandma and I picked up all the shingles and paper and nails up off the ground. My hammies are still sore!

Ryan, Bry, & Shane working hard!

Grandma making sure they are working hard!

Don't be fooled though! They had their rest time too! Actually . . . seriously . . . this is the only time I saw them resting besides when we ate our breakfast and lunch.

There it is! A blank slate ready to be re-roofed! I will have to go back over to take a pic of the finished product!

I don't know if you remember, but we had to do our roof in Virginia too . . . Shane says no more roofs . . . we have to buy a house that does not need the roof re done.

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Ron said...

We're getting our roof done this week - thankfully we don't have to take it off OR put it on, as it's a really steep one. I guess that's what you get with a house built in 1900!

Now, just be glad your grandma didn't have one of those slate roofs - holy crap those things are heavy, and they've got sharp edges too. My neighbor's house has those, and they're flying off every time we get a windy day. One day I'm going to find one embedded in my car's roof.