My Birthday!

Yay!! Little late on this post . . . as I am on all posts . . . ugh . . . that's what happens when you work too much and have about an hour commute each way and your internet is slow and you are too exhausted.

Anyways . . . . I celebrated my birthday week last week!! Went to Max & E's for lunch with some of my best friends! We even got cookies and icecream!!
Celebrated on my actual birthday with my parents, Shaney, Grandma Jean, Aunt Cindy, Uncle Tom, Behren, and Sheena! My mommy got me balloons!! How fun!
And she got this AMAAAAZZZZZING cake from Wegmans!! It was white cake with the kind of frosting they use on fruit tarts, and all of this delicious fruit!! Wegmans always has the best fruit!! It really was an awesome, different, yummy cake!!!
I can't believe I am 25 already!! Quarter of a century!!! It has gone by sooooooooo fast!! And I am so blessed. My first 25 were great, and if my next 25 can be anything close to that, I will be one lucky girl! Had to get a pic with the party planner/hostess/mommy!! And of course my hubby! I think this was the day after my birthday when we went to Uncle Charlie's with Shane's fam and my parents!! My mommy holding Bryce! If you ever want your kids back, you really should never give them to my mom. . . she's obsessed with little kids!! She wants us to have like 10!
Back to our house for some more cake!! Yum!
I really did have a wonderful 25th!! It was so great to be back in Erie to celebrate with my family and friends!!

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j*amy said...

yayyay! that cake does look amazing!!