The Steelers & The Kitties!

Yay!!!! The Steelers won!!!! What an awesome game!! After the 3rd quarter, I lean over to Shane and say "I wish Arizona would score a touchdown so the game would be more interesting." . . . Ugh . . . be careful what you wish for!! It definitely was a great game though, and couldn't have ended more perfectly! I was kinda bummed about Troy's play . . . he seemed a little out of it. And you know . . . Santonio Holmes got the MVP award, which I totally agree with for the Superbowl, but overall for the season. . . I do not think you can really pick just one player. That's what I love about the Steelers!! They just have such a diverse, awesome team. Everyone is good and plays so well as a team, where other teams just have one or two really good players that win it for them. Can't wait for next season! Lucky Seven!

And on another note. . . my kitties were being cute and crazy again. Jinx decided to go in our shower and lay on the little seating area. And Nina was just being cute.


Brooke & Freeland said...

that is so funny that your cat was in the shower! Too cute!

Meaghan Elliott said...

I agree with you about Troy!!! I was pretty bummed about his play as well!!!! But so excited for win #6!