Disney World & Grandma's Birthday!

My cousins recently went to Disney World! I really wish I had the vacation time and money to go with them, because I am sure I missed out on some awesome memories. I can't wait to see all the pictures and here all about it!
Tomorrow we are going to brunch with my Grandma for her 80th birthday! I am excited because 1) i love to eat, 2) i love being with my family 3) i feel so honored and lucky to be able to spend my grandma's 80th birthday with her! Afterwards we are going back to her house to eat some cake and give her her presents! I can tell you what we got her, because she does not use the computer at all. We got her a digital weather station! That even has a little guy on it that shows what you should wear for the day! She totally needs this because she just told me about a little excursion she took in the freezing cold, 3 feet of snow weather . . . she was wearing SNEAKERS! outside trying to catch her cat that got out! For an hour!!!!! Ugh . . . she said she kept falling and couldn't get up so she crawled and got tired, so she sat there and then got back up and fell again and tried to crawl some more . . . . seriously. . . . I thank God that she is ok and nothing bad happened, and that she ended up getting Scooter back thanks to my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Chris that live next door and were luckily taking their dogs out and saw her and to some chicken that lured Scooter out from under the deck.


Dan Rock said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures and here all about it!

I think that you mean 'hear'.

*Stace* said...

oh dan! what would i do without yoU!?

Rita said...

oh dan!! you take the time to leave a comment for that?? you are funny