Not A Big Fan of the Bus . . .

So . . . the other day (last week . . oops . . a little late in updating this . . but I haven't had internet! :-( . . but now I do! :-)) . . . my parents and I went to a sold out speaker series at Penn State Behrend, where Jerome Bettis talked about "championship choices".

The tickets were free, and thanks to my good friend KC, who hooked us up, we were able to get the tickets before they were sold out . . . to I guess 2,000 peepz!

So here is my daddy, me, and my mommy! They are so cute and I'm so glad we are home so I can see them more often! (Shane still wasn't home yet . . but he is now!! Yay!)

Ok . . so on to Jerome Bettis . . . everyone was super psyched he was there . . people were sporting their Steelers jerseys and busting out the terrible towels! His speech was ok. . . talked mostly about his football career and then ended it with saying that to be a champion you need dedication, good work ethic, and something else . . or something like that.

I'm sure some people were there to hear his speech, but a lot of people just wanted to get his autograph/pic/etc. . . . and he wasn't having it!! They ran him off to a secret room and snuck him out the back. People were so upset . . . and although I do feel bad, because I'm sure you get sick of signing millions of autographs and having people harass you everywhere you go in public . . . I also feel bummed and sad that he didn't sign any autographs or pictures. I feel like it is part of his job . . . I mean . . it comes with the NFL football star title. And I feel bad for all the little kids that stood there waiting for him to come out . . . for that little black scribble on a towel, or poster, or ball . . . that they will never have.

And I am a pretty big fan of the Steelers . . . but all I have heard lately is how rude and mean the Steelers players are, and that bums me out . . . so come on guys!! Be nice and step up to the plate . . . er . . . the field!


T Mann said...

Some who attain fame do not want all of the resposibility that comes with it, but I'm sure they don't turn down the money. I agee they should acknowledge that superstardom comes at a price higher than money- making others happy not just throuh speeches and an appearance but with a personal acknowledgment of someone other than themselves. Of course every person should have the freedom to not be harassed also, but I think in this situation an acceptance to make an appearance was made and it warrants more responsibility than a speech and dodging his fans.

We all learn through experiences, and I bet you learned something for when the chance you attain stardom appears.

Hope you are doing well Staci =).

Anonymous said...

A definite bummer, although that seems very unlike Bettis. Every time I have seen him his has been very gracious and very willing to sign autographs. I had a ticket to this, although I didn't make it. Maybe that was a good thing, because that may have bothered me a bit too.

As far as the other Steelers players go, I'm not exactly sure who you speak of. Hines Ward has always been very gracious, Polomolu answers his HOME DOOR when fans come knocking and is willing to sign an autograph and have a quick chat. Roethlisberger - well, he's a bit of a superstar and I've personally met the guy in a bar, and he had a superstar attitude... but I still love the guy as our quarterback.

Kt said...

Yea I mean I wouldnt expect the greatest motivational speech out of hm, but remember I met him in Vegas and he was super nice, took pics, let us drink etc...it depends what the venue wants to deal with too...it takes a lot of extra time and man power to have a whole signing autographs line...

Being in the Burgh I get a lot of stories of people who have met Steelers and I've been to a lot of fund raisers that they are guests at and they're usually quite nice....EVERYONE has some off days and it's hard being that popular haha...(some of them are a bit of man sluts though and cocky) ahah