Poor Jon . . . .

Yay!! So Shaney and I met up with some friends from track the other weekend. We decided to go to Buff Wild Wings so we could watch some of the games as well. It was packed!

Marker (Mark), Kevin, and Jon! Mark and Jon were both jumpers with us. Kevin is a long distance runner! Seriously, track is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. The Penn State Behrend track team was always like a family. We had so much fun, all got along, and were very successful for not having a track to practice on.

Shaney and I @ Buff Wild Wings

Yay! The jumpers! Love those guys!

Ha . . . and Jon alwaysssss has problems with his cars. . . . his actual car (b/c this one in the pic is his mom's) was in his hometown getting fixed . . . and then his mom's car blew a belt . . . thank goodness my daddy is a mechanic and told Jon to just get it towed to his shop.

Love my trackies though! So glad we are back in Erie so we can all hang out more often!

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