Yay!! So today marks a couple big countdowns . . . .

1 month until our cruise!!! My best friends from highschool (KC, Mase, KT, & Nikkie) and I are going on a cruise to Mexico! It's our first "real" vacation together. We went to Canada two times, eh?! But this is BIG. . . driving, flying, cruising, snorkeling, not getting lost (as long as I'm not in control of the directions), eating, drinking, excursioning, swimming, gym-ing, picturing, activity-ing, sleeping (hopefully), creating lots of new quotes . . . . all together. Can't wait!

thanks for the pic KC

2 days until I get to see my hubby!! He has been in Virginia without me . . sniff sniff . . . or I guess I have been here without him . . . anyways. . . he is finally coming home for good!! . . . ::: WARNING:: SAPPY ALERT:::. . . I have missed him sooooo much. I miss hugging him when he gets home from work everyday, I miss watching all of our crazy ten million tv shows together, I miss getting two q-tips out, I miss getting both of our toothbrushes out and putting mint toothpaste on mine and kids toothpaste on his (shhh . . don't tell Shane I told you). I miss snuggling with him at night. I miss his smile, his face. I miss making mac n'cheese for dinner every night . . . with an occassional pizza dinner . . . I miss playing soccer with him. I miss helping pick out his clothes . . ok maybe I don't miss that. . . since he wouldn't remember to ask me until I was already in bed and comfy. . . I miss making him dance with me . . . I miss his laugh . . . I miss my Shaney! Hey I warned you! :-P

2 or 3 days until I get to see my beautiful niece, Bryce, again!!

Her cute outfit and jacket!! How adorable is she!?

Ha! One of my fav pics of us! This was her first time to church. She was such a good girl! I just think it's funny that she already knows how crazy I am. She's so smart.

It's already Thursday (almost) . . . how awesome is that?! My countdown activities are coming so quick!! I love it!


Shane said...

yay i'm coming home

j*amy said...

uh oh, stace i think he knows!

yay shaner!

j*amy said...

ps my word was "ursupper". haha

Brooke & Freeland said...

How fun! And I dont think it was sappy - I loved reading what you missed about your hubby! It was sweet!

Random question - Is there a church that yall go to in Erie?

Kt said...

hahah...i put toothpaste on mikey's toothbrush tooooooo!!!!!