Moving All Over!

Yay!! Internet is back!! :-)

Well, we moved into Shane's dad's house this past weekend. He lives with his fiancee in Millcreek, and was nice enough to let us stay in his house in Edinboro for a while!

It is definitely a treck to work every day . . . it takes me about 30 mins - 1 hour to get to work (depending on weather/road conditions/etc).

Of course, the first day to work from Edinboro, we had to have a MAJOR snow storm . . . I've always been nervous driving in snow, and was scared out of my mind . . . country roads don't really get the attention that main roads do . . .

I made the mistake of going on a road that doesn't get traveled very often . . . I would've been ok if I could've stayed in the middle of the road, but of course . . . . a gigantic plow truck comes barreling down the opposite side . . . and so I had to get over as much as I could . . . aka . . . I had to go into about 2 feet of snow (I don't have 4 wheel drive and I don't have snow tires . . and the tires I do have . . suck.) . . . so I am freaking out b/c I'm like . . . there is NO WAY I'm getting out of this . . . so the plow truck goes by (barely squeaking past me) and I try to go again . . . no luck. So then I start to panic, and back up a little . . . go forward a little . . . back up a little . . . forward a little . . . no luck . . . do it again . . start sliding around . . . then Shane calls and says "how's it going?!" . . to which I reply . . "baber!!! I'm stuckkkkkkkkkkkk!!! :-( " . . . so I was very scared. Very stuck. So I kept putting it in drive . . reverse. . . drive. . . reverse. . .drive . . . and finally God helped me out! I was soooooooooo thankful!! And thank goodness, no other cars came down that road, so I just drove on the left side the rest of the way.

But overall, it has been very nice here. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the country!!! Shane's dad owns 10 acres, and it is one of the most beautiful thing
s to see. I do love driving through the country on my way to work and back. Everything is just so beautiful . . . it sounds corny. .. but I just feel more in touch with nature and truly appreciate it more. The things that God makes just amaze me.

Shane has already gone snowmobiling in the backyard, and we have taken Behren out for several "run/play sessions" in the back yard. I cannot wait until it gets warm again (I know . . . I have a while) . . so we can just sit out on the back deck and take it all in. Just relax. You can see so many more stars at night, and it is just beautiful.

(yes that is a golf ball in the dishwasher. . . we found it in there when we opened it the first time . . gary's response . . "it needed cleaned")

We have made some minor improvements to the house so far (with Shane's dad's approval of course). We cleaned it up a bit (Shane's dad thought it was clean. . .which it was to an extent, but sometimes I can be a neat freak . . .). We also updated the sink in the bathroom with a new faucet (the old one was too close to the sink so you couldn't get your hands under it very well) . . soooo happy with the new one!! It looks great! Shane is also making us some coat rack thingies for our door to the back yard and the door from the garage. We moved the furniture ar
ound a bit, and I think I might make Shane paint the bedroom with me (Sorry Shane . . . Shane hates to paint) . . . right now it's white, but I want to paint it a khaki color like our old bedroom . . it's just so much more cozy!! I will probably buy some pictures/mirrors/plants/etc. . . just to make it more a "home". Warm it up a bit!

Nina likes the new sink too!

Well . . .other than that . . I have been working. By the time I get home and eat, it's time to sleep! . . . and then do it all over again . . . I'll try to keep you up to date!


Rita said...

oh staci, i am soooo glad you are home too, but i am concerned you are taking pictures while you are driving on a snowy road!!! what am i going to do with you?? xxoo

j*amy said...

1) i agree w/ rita. if you want to stay on the road and not get stuck, don't take pictures of yourself driving ;)
2) driving on the left side the whole way?! what do you think you are, british!? ;)
3) so you are updating shane's dad's house...how long are you guys planning on staying there then?

*kc said...

1) I also agree with Rita.
2) Don't let Amy do her British accent.
3) I can't wait to visit; what about sometime this weekend? (Next weekend is T-giving, and the weekend after is for packing, and the following weekend we will be on our TRIP! AH!)
4) Drive safe into Harborcreek.
5) When are we meeting for lunch and where?

*Stace* said...

1) i was going slow
2) def not british, but i do love their accents
3) umm yes updating . . staying until he kicks us out./ sure come on over!
4) i will try
5) lunch . . . next week sometime maybe? they need a panera on buffalo!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I stumbled across this blog and literally laughed out loud at seeing it being called "SUPERYAY." Don't ask me why.

I'm living in Edinboro (going to school there) and driving a long ways every day to student teach. This snow storm is KILLER, making me drive 40 mph everywhere.