And I Could Walk 10,000 Miles . . .

Yay! I survived my first week on the new job! And I can honestly say . . I am still sooooooo overwhelmed. . . there is an infinite amount of information to learn, but I can also say I am sooooooo excited about it. I really enjoy what I have been learning so far and it is such a fast paced, friendly, integrity-based atmosphere! Everyone you pass on site says hello to you, and that is just such a great thing to have at a job.

I think I have also lost 10 pounds this week . . . the pic above is from where I park . . the tall building in the distance is the building I walk to every day . . . and because I like to get in as much exercise as I can (without actually going to the gym) . . . I walk up 100 stairs (4 floors) each time I go in and out of the building . . I think I did that 3 times today! So GE is my exercise workout too! Love killing two birds with one stone!

But overall . . . so far so good!

Oh . . . and I got a free flu shot today! My arm is sore. Which is a bummer, but also good because I feel like I lifted weights so it makes me feel like I did something! Yay!

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Brooke & Freeland said...

oh Im so glad your first week went well!! Sounds like a great job! I cant believe you park that far away! Very impressive!!