Welcome to Erie . . AKA . . . Winter.

Well. My first official day of snow came today! . . . For this year . . . . although I feel like it's been FOREVER since I've actually seen snow or had snow. But it was both exciting and freeeezing! Today we tied our record temp with a low of 33 degrees! I really expected it to be lower than that, but I can't argue with Tom Atkins (I had him as a meteorology teacher in college . . . . hmm . . .I thought it had to be less than 32 degrees for it to snow?! Yikes . . . maybe I shouldn't say I had him as a teacher so I don't embarass him!!)!

Behren playing in the snow this morning . . . just racing back and forth! He loves it! Definitely his father's son!

You saw how far I have to walk at work . . . well imagine THAT in this weather (although it was definitely sleeting like crazy and windy as heck when I was walking in). . . and not to mention . . my zipper broke on my boots, so I had it safety pinned together . . . yeah . . . safety pins don't keep out 3 -4 inches of slush and rain puddled in the middle of the parking lot . . . so needless to say my sock and foot were completely soaked and freezing cold.

Thank goodness we have off tomorrow so I can find some boots that are made for Erie weather. But still . . . I'm not complaining . . . I just love being home.


*kc said...

YAY, Tommy Atkins! Remember when he did his Beavis and Butthead impressions? haha. I love that that class counted as a Science Lab.

j*amy said...

what you have OFF tomorrow?! what is up with this crap! come visit me.