First Days of Work . . .

Well . . . I had my first day of work (in ERIE - YAY!) yesterday! Best word to describe it = overwhelming! Such a HUGE place, so many new things to learn, so many people to meet, so many forms to fill out. But my 2nd day is down now, and it was a lot better today. Starting to talk with my "team" more and getting to know them (really like them so far!), and I got to learn some things I will be doing that I actually understand . . . so that's good!

Gotta tell you a "quick" synopsis of my first day:

Got there at 7:30am . . . had to go to the security at the gate because I didn't have my ID yet . . . started raining . . yesssss . . . so then I park in this parking lot and walk a million miles (ok it wasn't THAT bad, but I don't have the best shoes . . . I'm impractical. . . . I know) to the wellness center and I get there and the line is outside the building and wrapped around! I was like WOW! There are A LOT of new people!! So I'm standing there wondering why no one had any paperwork like I did . . . and some guy behind me says "I hope they don't run out before we get there" and I just kinda laugh and say "Ha! Yeah . . . ." not knowing what the crap he's talking about . . . then I get some paper that's for a flu shot! And I say to the guy behind me . . "are you here for that?" and he says . . "yeah. you're not?!" and I say "no." and he says "you can just go in then" and i say "But I feel bad" and he says . . . actually I don't think he said anything . . . so I just stayed in line . . finally after like 20 - 25 mins . . . I get to the front and get to the desk and do the infamous drug test and get my bp done and such . . then I go to the badge center. . . they were on break for 10 mins . . . sooo ok . . . waiting. . . then finally get my badge then get to my building and see that there is a sign that says there is a meeting in some conference room . . . . umm . . . did they forget that I've never been to GE before . . don't really know my way around . . . . but anyways . . I meandered around and finally found it . . . . had a 2 1/2 hour "orientation" then my "team" took me out to bootleggers for lunch . .. very yummy! Then I went back and got introduced to everyone and got my computer and such and the day was pretty much done!

So exciting, huh!?

Anyways . . . my blogging will be a lot less now :-( Bummer. I will try to stay updated though!

p.s. - Don't forget to vote! Erie, you have 30 mins!!
p.p.s. - I was lucky and got to do an absentee ballot . . no long lines for me . . although I didn't get a sticker that allowed me a free drink from Starbucks! :-(
p.p.p.s. - The GE symbol above always reminds me of a peppermint patty and makes me hungry.

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