Our House: Before and After

Well . . . since this is my last day in our very first house . . sniff sniff . . . I thought I should show you what we did to it in a year (besides lose $100K). . . .

Before -------------------------------------------------------- After

Tried to improve the landscaping by adding flowers and grass and getting rid of the grass in the driveway. Also painted the entire outside of the house and put on a new roof! (The picture on the left has the new roof too . . . I couldn't find any pics with the old one.) Also ALL of these updates we did ourselves. . . no outside help (except our wonderful family)!!!

Reorganized the garage to de-clutter it and painted the white cement wall with paint and painted the floors with epoxy paint with sprinkles!! Yay!

Took down all of the wallpaper, repainted, updated light fixtures, updated hardware on cabinets, new skylights in breakfast room, added butcher block.

Tore down the wallpaper, repainted, repainted trim, updated shower head.

New roof on shed, painted shed, made deck, stained deck, added flowers and bushes and lamps and bird feeders.

And some other pictures of things we did, but I don't have "before" pics . . . bummer.

We repainted this room . . . twice. . . . we had it as a brighter blue when we were using it as our office (only room in the house that was more "bold"), but since we are selling our house, I repainted it to this neutral color!

Other guest bedroom! This was a deep purple room when we bought it . . . so we repainted it this neutral beige color. There were also butterfly stickers on the ceiling fan . . . so we switched the blades around.

Our living room! Let's see . . . we didn't do much to this room. . . just added the furniture (our coffee table top opens up so that its more of our "dining room table"). We also added a screen door so our kitties can enjoy the outside without going out. Oh! And we changed up the curtain rods and curtains!

Love this pic! Updated the light fixture, added new sky lights.

This room is off of our garage . . and didn't have a closet. . . so Shane and I (mostly Shane) built this closet! Didn't we do a good job?!?! The spackling pretty much made us decide it was our last closet ever we were going to make. . . . Shane made it so that it does not go all the way up to the ceiling so you can put stuff (plants, christmas houses, etc) on top! He also made it so that there is an electrical outlet up there to plug stuff in!!

Our "master" bathroom had a soap dish where the decorative tiles are . . . we kept hitting our heads or elbows on it when we would shower (separate . . . of course . . ). . . seriously . . who puts a freaking soap dish at your head level?! So anyways . . . we got rid of it and coudln't find any tiles that matched exactly, so we got these two decorative ones! We also took out all the caulk and re-caulked the shower!

Well I think that is it . . . I feel like I am forgetting things though . . .

It has been a great year in this house . . . put lots of work into it . . . we just like having projects I guess. But now some other lucky homeowner has the option to buy it!! If you know anyone looking for a house in Fredericksburg, VA, tell them our house is awesome!!


Thomas said...

Hey Staci,

I'm sorry if your sad to leave your 'old" home. Your "old" house looks great, and I can tell you two put a lot of work into it. Just remember you will be so happy in PA with your family.

We miss you at MFG. Have a happy Halloween!


j*amy said...

yay looks nice yay for ERIE! :)

Brooke & Freeland said...

Everything looks so great! Yall did an awesome job!!!

Dennis Weed said...

Thought of one thing you might ask your lender about - Deed in lieu of foreclosure. You would just turn over the deed to the lender. You would owe no money and it would save your credit. Usually it only done when people are behind on their mortgage payments. It just puts the property back into the hands of the lender quicker and they can get it sold quicker.