Dentist Squirrel! & My Cute Kitties . . . of course.

So I had to go to the dentist on Monday to pick up my retainer . . . and as they were sanding it down a little to make it smoother . . . this lil guy/gal popped up out of nowhere! Of course, I had my camera with me and was able to get it out quick enough for a shot . . . but when I went to take another pic, it was already gone . . . . I don't know how the heck it stayed on the window!! Kung-fu squirrel! Oh . . and the poor thing did all of that for nothing, because the feeder was empty. :-(

Well this past weekend I went to Pittsburgh for KT's wedding dress shopping (to-be-in-a-separate-post), and we brought the kitties with us. My parents met us in Cranberry (sooooooo good to us) so we could give the kitties to them for a week before we come home, so that when people come to the house to see it, Nina & Jinx don't try to run out the door (because they do that every time). But we miss them a lot. :-( I have already been told they are driving my parents crazy . . . trying to get out of all the doors, jumping on the counters, and they also like to do this thing where they walk in front of you for a little bit and then just randomly collapse in front of you . . making you almost step on them and trip. Ugh. . . . crazy cats. But I miss you!

p.s. - Thank you Mommy & Daddy for taking care of all of our crazy animals.


j*amy said...

awe babies!

*kc said...

Haha. How did they get so crazy?

..wait, answered my own question: they were raised by you and Shane.

just kiddin. sorta..

Shane said...

whoa what is that supposed to mean