Georgia Aquarium!

And now, here are the pics from our trip to the Georgia Aquarium! It is supposedly the world's largest aquarium, and although I did greatly enjoy myself (probably mostly because I got to carry Bryce around the entire time) . . . I was expecting better. I would have to say that the Baltimore Aquarium is better, but the Georgia Aquarium is adding a dolphin exhibit and a penguin exhibit and doing some major renovations, so it might be up to par in a couple years.

On our way into the aquarium! So exciting!

I loved the way these fishies just kept swimming round and round . . .

And how cute that fishies stay in "schools"!? I love it!

Ewe! There were other ones that were soooo tangled up! I don't know how they get untangled.

OoOooh! I love seahorsies! Can you find it?!

Beautiful!! To be surrounded by water and fish/sharks like that was amazing! Because you still knew you were safe (at least until the aquarium breaks)!

Me sooooo happy that I got to spend some quality snuggle time with my niece, Bryce!

Aww!! My brothers and sister in law!!

Ha ha! Shane got a "hey you" pic of me! We used to do this at track meets all the time. You would get your camera ready, and then say "Hey 'so-and-so'!", then they would turn around and you would snap the picture! You get some pretty funny facial expressions!

Aww! the girls!!! My sister in laws, Marissa and Sommer, and my niece, Bryce!

This is probably my favorite aquarium pic!! It looks so real and looks like you are right there in the water with the fishies! And I hate to admit it, but it wasn't me who took this pic, it was my wonderful hubby, Shane!

This is also one of my favs! I loved how the fish swam under the whale sharks!

Aww! The boys watching the fishies!

Dan was getting hungry!

While everyone else was getting tired! :-P And Don loves when I take pictures!

Beluga whale!! So fun to watch swim! It just glides so easily and turns so gracefully!

Aww! My favorite brother and sister in laws EVER!!

These piranhas were Rita's favorite fish because they looked like they had gold glitter in them!

Shane seemed to be the designated purse carrier this past weekend. I don't know what we would've done without him!

And the last pic of the aquarium was us of course making Dan wear things that we found in the gift shop! Such a good sport! :-)

Getting really excited about my parents and Behren visiting this weekend!! I am planning on making some yummy buffalo chicken dip and some yummy cuppies! And I will be putting them to work as well with some house projects . . . painting our railing (that got all gooey and black from when our roof was done and all the shingles and tar fell on it), cleaning out some of the closets and reorganizing!

I also have some VERRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY exciting news that I have been wanting to post about for a loooooooooooong time, but I just have to wait a little longer. . .

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