Past Weekend

Well . . . . still really bummed about our house. I start to cry everytime I think about it, so I am not going to say much except another realtor is coming over tonight to look at our house and tell us the speal . . . after tonight we will discuss what we are going to do . . . .

Anyways life goes on (thank goodness). . . . . Shane's mom (Rita) and step-diddy (Don) and their pup (Majr) came to visit us this past weekend! It was a nice, fun weekend!

We went to the ChiliRib Fest in Fredericksburg! They had lots of vendors and a flea market. . some live music. They had a chili taste contest, but we got there too late. It was all gone! We did get to try some chili. . and we should've known why there was still some left . . . it wasn't bad. . . but it was sooooooooooooooooooo hot!! I took one little taste and my mouth was burnin up!

We went to this place called Ten Thousand Villages . . a fair trade place .. . we didn't really find anything. I had fun playing with everything though. And they had some free dessert & iced coffee that was yummy!!

We saw a beautiful rainbow on our way home!!

I usually try to make cupcakes or some kind of dessert when anyone comes to visit, and unfortunately, I didn't have enough time, so I bought this yummy cake for us to eat. I did feel terrrible though. . even Sommer (my sister-in-law) called and asked Rita what kind of cupcakes I made . . . Next time!! I promise!

Don is a big history buff, and loves Fredericksburg because of that reason, so we had to go on some history walks for him! It was such a beautiful day! Here are some pictures from our adventures:

Shane wandering around the field . . .

Don, Rita, Majr, and Shane watching the trains go by

Pretty fields!

Me shooting a canon! Watch out!

Rita, Majr, & Shane at one of our stops (sorry I don't remember any of the history stuff . . ooh except we saw the trenches that the confederate army laid in . . . so crazy).

Nice little path with canopy trees!

Ewe! A snake we found! Thank goodness it wasn't alive.

Shane on the tracks

Also, I have been wanting to paint the outside of our house for some time, but kinda put it on the back burner . . . well Don also thought it would be a good idea, especially if we are going to sell our house, so we made a little pitstop to Lowe's and picked up some outdoor satin paint! Poor Shaney was NOT happy. (He hates painting). You can't really tell in these pictures, but it looks A LOT better! It only took us 3 1/2 hours too!! I do have a couple spots I need to touch up, and we need to figure out how we are going to get the sides where it's very high, but other than that it looks great and we couldn't thank Don & Rita enough for all the help!!

This is my last week of work here! Yikes! I am sad, but also excited to be able to relax for two weeks.

Looking forward to this weekend! Dan & Marissa (brother and sissy-in-law) are coming to visit I think!! Gonna watch the Penn State game, hang out, maybe go for a walk or two, maybe I'll make them some brownies! .

But until then . . . trying to get everything wrapped up at work and figure out our housing situation!

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