The Big News!!! Erie! We're Coming Home!

Well here is the big news I have been waiting to tell you . . .

First night in our house

A little over two years ago, Shane and I moved to Fredericksburg, VA for an awesome job opportunity that Shane got working for the NAVY (as a civilian). We have enjoyed our time here . . . we (I) love the weather and love all of the people that we have met. It is such a cute town, and so commercial. Basically any store you want to go to is within 20 minutes of our house. We are close to Shane's brother, Dan, and his wife, Marissa, who live in Baltimore. We have grown as a couple, leaning on each other extensively since mostly all of our other family members live in Erie/McKean, PA. It was so hard for us when we first moved here. We cried many nights, and although it got a little easier, we always knew where are true home was. . . with the rest of our family and friends.

Bry (Shane's oldest brother) and his wife, Sommer, just had a baby in August, and that made us realize even more that we wanted to be home for that. To watch her grow, learn, and love. And for when we have kids . . . we just want them to be around the wonderful people that have been around us our entire lives.

Also, I get to keep in touch with my best friends from highschool during the day on g-chat, but they are always getting together on weekends or during the week, and it just kills me to not be there with them. Mase and kc just got an apartment, and I couldn't even be there to help them move in. I just hate being away from the people we love the most. It doesn't make sense for Shane and I to stay in Fredericksburg when the most important things to us are our families and friends, and most of our families and friends are in Erie, PA.

So, . . . we started looking for jobs . . . just here and there at first, then a little more extensive. Erie doesn't have the best job opportunities . . . especially for Shane (electrical engineering), so we really were thinking we would NEVER be able to move back home. :-(

But . . . low and behold. . . I got a phone interview at General Electric (thanks to my best friend's daddy passing on my resume). They must've liked me because the day after I got called to come to Erie for an interview. They put me up in an awesome hotel. Here was me right before I left to go to my four hour interview:

I was so scared. So nervous. But I didn't have anything to lose. I have been blessed with the ability to talk easily to people I just meet, and I actually get excited about meeting all the new people! It started way back in the day when I was a little girl (5, maybe?) flying to Disney World, and I guess I went right up to some stranger and sat down and said "Hi! Where are you flying to?!" Anyways . . . about a week and a half later, I got a call from GE. They had left a voice message for me to call them back. I figured if I didn't get the job, they would've just told me in the message, so I was kinda getting my hopes up, but you never know.

So I called GE back and guess what?!?! THEY OFFERED ME THE JOB!! WE ARE MOVING HOME TO ERIE!!!! :-) The job is a financial analyst position. And although I have no real experience in this type of work (I did public accounting for two years), I am very excited about it, and I hope I really enjoy myself! I will make myself enjoy it! Cause, heck! We are moving home! :-)

So with all this excitement also comes the anxiety of trying to sell our house in this crap filled economy. We were told that house values in Fredericksburg have gone down 17%!! On a $300K house, that's $51K that you would lose . . just like that. That just makes me sick to my stomach. Ugh.

Also, we are still looking to find Shaney a job in Erie. He does have an interview at GE the day I start, so we are hoping for the best with that! Pray for us! Because until we sell our house or until Shane gets a job, we will be living apart, and I just had to live apart from him for two weeks, and it was the worst. :-( I don't want to have to do it again.

But in all of this craziness, I am looking to the one person you can count on the most . . . God. We know that He will provide for us, and we know that we just need to trust in Him. He has done some amazing things for us already, and we are just so blessed that we are moving back to our family, our friends, our home.


Dennis Weed said...

Congrats on the job! Got my fingers crossed for Shane.

j*amy said...

yay so happy for you to come home! even if you have to live apart from shaney for a little bit of time...you will have all of US and your FAM to keep you company until you can be reunited again!

[don't get me wrong, i dont want you to be living w/o him...but it could be a little easier this time!]

Jon said...

Yay!!! I can't wait to see you guys!!!
I'm less than 2 hrs away so you need to come visit!!