Hedgehog and All!

Well, Tuesday night was my last day of playing soccer at the Fredericksburg Field House. We lost :-( . . which is always a bummer, but even more of a bummer was knowing that was the last time I would get to play with some of the nicest, most sincere, funniest, people I know. We have been playing soccer there pretty much since we moved here, with the same awesome group of people (with some additions/subtractions), but for the most part, our group stayed together. I think after this season, there will only be three of our remaining group left . . . due to injuries, family time, and people moving.

But I just want to say that Shane and I have had an amazing time, and will never forget anyone on our team. We had some fun barbeques and some great soccer games. We got to meet some fun, cute animals. Lynn on our team brought some of her mini-pups to our game, and the last game brought this pineball (aka - albino hedgehog), Coco:

You all know I love little kids . . . and Hendrik and Lynn's boy, Dylan, I will miss a lot too! He was our biggest fan, always cheering us on "Go Miss Staci!"! And he is a better soccer player than I am, and is only like two years old! I hope he remembers me when he makes it big!

I hope everyone on our team remembers us, because we will definitely remember them and will cherish every moment we got to spend with them. You meet some amazing people during your lifetime, and these were some of them that we will never forget.

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