Mums Everywhere!

Lots of mums!! We went to Walmart and Lowes first, and found some mums, but they just weren't that hearty and were too expensive . . . so we went to Meadows Farms. I was very reluctant . . I really wanted some color at our house, but I just didn't want to drive 20 minutes away to get everything. So after my mom gave me the guilt trip (it's ok mom, I'm glad you conned me into it) we made our way to Meadows Farms and came home with a Highlander load! They were absolutely beautiful and were only $3.79 each (big ones were $9.99), and of course my mom said our house needed pumpkins!

And so here are some of the mums we planted!! As you can see . . our stupid grass went dormant/died/went brown, but ugh. . what are you going to do?! We are still trying to grow some more though! Can you find me and my kitty in this picture?!

Gotta love color! And you probably can't tell, but I also painted our railings! Seriously. A home owner's job is NEVER done. But that's the fun of it! You never get bored!

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Jon said...

I found you and jinx or nina!!!